"Where are you from?” is a question I am often asked. A short form reply is “England,” although my footsteps have taken me to many fascinating countries. I took the opportunity to explore the arts, archeology, language and customs of the people who welcomed me into their homes and hearts. I have many interests and believe the exposure to other cultures is reflected in my art, writing, wood carving and mosaics. One constant in my life is garden design. From the cold, damp chill of England to the hot, red earth of the Middle East, I have coaxed the most stubborn flowers to grow. Our landscaping at Cheshire Acres is based on English garden design, a work in progress that currently extends over two acres.

Art and Carving Highlights


   The Apple Lady

An award winning wood carving I completed  while attending a school in Austria.




An award winning watercolor painting.

Writing Highlights


  An Unexpected


Historical fiction set

in Tudor England.

Available on Amazon in either e-book or paperback.



  Fitzgerald Hall

Historical fiction set

in Anglo-Saxon times. Featured Feb. 2016 in Unusual Historicals 

Available on Amazon as an e-book. Coming 2017 in paperback.


A Summer of Deceit

Second book of Fitzgerald Hall Series

Available on Amazon as an e-book. Coming 2017 in paperback.





Our home is a 200 acre ranch located in the beautiful Ozark mountains of Missouri.

We named the ranch Cheshire Acres after the county of Cheshire, England where our ancestors reach back over 400 years.

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