Unrestrained by a conventional upbringing in a small English village I sought to explore the world and its people. Living and studying for two years in the Middle East was a fascinating and enlightening experience. The countries I visited influence my writing, watercolor paintings, woodcarvings and mosaics. I enjoy writing children's stories, historical articles and traveler's tales.

MAR 22

 Memory Makers

  posted by Jem1938 on March 22, 2011 19:50 as Life as I Live it

We are all memory makers; we keep the "good old days, tucked away in our hearts, or the not so good old days, depending on the fortunes of life. We make comparisons, houses, cars, children, the list is long. Comparison or judgment? it is a fine line. People are judged strange if their philosophies and way of life are too different from our own. Take time to know these people it may, if you have the courage, lead you to explore worlds outside your comfort zone. On my way home from the office each day I saw the same man enter the homeless shelter whom I frequently saw in the library. He was always clean, neatly dressed and read books on the arts; sculpture seemed to be a favorite subject. I learned he was a sculptor, trying to put his life back together, I told him of my love for wood carving and he encouraged me to sculpt larger pieces. Our conversation led my footsteps to a carving school in Austria where I spent many weeks learning European figural carving. The last time I saw my homeless acquaintance he was driving a car, had an apartment and was working on a sculpting commission. "Thank you for treating me with respect when I was at the lowest point in my life, he said. "Thank you, I replied, "your advice guided my footsteps to becoming an award winning wood carver.

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 Memory Makers 



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