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Marsha Arnold

Marsha Arnold, author of Roar of a Snore, Prancing Dancing Lily, the award winning Heart of a Tiger and many more wonderful stories.

How Do I Get There from Here? AKA Patience, Perseverance, and Practice - Paths to A Published Picture Book: Marsha provides insights on moving from being an unpublished author to a published author. Besides information on the submission process and writing tips, she shares what to do and what not to do at the beginning of your children's book career. As always, Marsha weaves humor and inspiration into her presentation, which is for teachers, parents, and other adults interested in writing a children's book.

Ecanus Publishing


AN UNEXPECTED ADVENTURE offers a glimpse into Tudor history through the gauze of entertainment. When David and Grandpa C are drawn into the dark, hidden secrets and conspiracies of the Tudor Court they play deadly games of hide and seek with ruthless killers, gamblers, pirates and highwaymen. Irish O’Toole, a pirate, is always on the look-out for an opportunity for plunder; his command post in O’Toole’s family restaurant in Portsmouth is the center for his very successful pirate operations. Although written with humor An Unexpected Adventure is based on established historical fact.

Ecanus Publishing


Unusual Historicals 

Featured Feb.


FITZGERALD HALL, trilogy book one. The old English word for bed and grave is the same because it is the place where you lie. In the meadows of Fitzgerald Hall, one of the great houses of England, many bones of 7th Century Anglo Saxons are buried. One grave clings to a dark secret. Winter Solstice holds the key to unlock the mystery, but will the mayhem caused by a search reveal a secret best left undiscovered? Two American girls and two male British aristocrats embark on a feisty determined quest that fizzes along at a fast pace. The lines between past, present and future become blurred. FITZGERALD HALL is historical fiction, it is an intriguing story where the present meets the past.

Ecanus Publishing


A SUMMER OF DECEIT, book two in Fitzgerald Hall trilogy. The church clock in Fitzgerald Village boomed midnight, reflecting on the dangers, ninety years old Granny B surveys Fitzgerald Hall Estate with her night vision, army issue, binoculars. The Wanderers, spirits that take human form at night, imposters, trapped without souls between Other Worlds. Dark Spirits who bedevil the mind, leading it step by awful step, to subdue its own logic. The voices are there, you must learn how to listen.

FITZGERALD HALL and A SUMMER OF DECEIT are written with humor and carefully researched, using all available Anglo Saxon information, albeit limited.

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